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Pennsylvania German Children's Cultural Camp


This past week, I was amazed to hear a parent on television explain to a news correspondent: “We have to cut back this year on holiday gifts. Instead of twenty, Jonny will have to be content with only ten.” Ten gifts for the holidays! I’m not sure I ever received that many.

In the past, many girls were content with a cornhusk doll collection or maybe a special doll imported from Europe. Girls as young as age six learned to sit still and carefully execute precise stitches on their samplers. This practice produced amazing textile works of art. Boys not only worked the farm, but learned crafts such as wood turning, paper making or joinery.

Could there ever be a renaissance, a rebellion against all things computerized, and a desire to go back to using our hands, our minds and imaginations to create?

This week, I also received a newsletter from the Pennsylvania German Society. I read that the society hosts an annual program for children to acquaint them with some skills of the past. The Children's Cultural Camp exposes them to hearth cooking, sewing, pottery and toleware decoration. The Camp runs from July 26 – 29, 2010 at Kutztown University. They'll work in a farmstead with two log cabins, a one room schoolhouse, a summer house and a large house.

So, for four days, these kids will remove their earbuds, engage their creative side and produce things with their hands.


July 26 – 29, 2010

Young children (6-11 years) 10:00 -12:20 PM session

Older children (11-18 years) 1:30 - 4:00 PM session

PA German Heritage Cultural Heritage Center at Kutztown University

Contact Darlene Moyer  484 – 646 - 4172

Fee to be determined (under $60)