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Warren Kimble--Contemporary Folk Artist

Charles HammellComment

Warren Kimble sees the world just a bit differently than most of us. If you look at his works of art, you'll see something familiar, yet something just a bit unexpected. Familiar--we've all seen cats and farmhouses and serene landscapes before.   This is what 19th centuryAmerican folk art was all about. But something is different with this work. It's clearly not 19th century, nor is it an untrained hand. You see naive intent. The artist has trained skill. This is someone firmly rooted in the 21st century with academic skill making a statement. Here we are, in a time where the world doesn't seem so nice as it may have in the 19th century. Yet through Kimble's eyes, all seems well. Maybe it's a moment of retreat for us to see. An escape from our everyday complications and stress. To a place in Vermont where things seem more tranquil and simple.