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Original York Antiques Show--Day 2

Charles HammellComment

Day 2 saw a slightly smaller crowd at the show. Notheless, the visitors came through steadily and were once again buying. Today's group seemed to have a broader range of people--not the purely serious collector we saw on day 1. But this can be fun. With more lifestyle and beginning collectors, it gave dealers the opportunity to educate and evangelize more. From my informal surveying, dealer sentiment regarding sales ranged from satisfied to barely good enough. No one is blaming the show: everyone that I talked to agreed that Melvin Arion has done a great job of bringning in the visitors. It's still just a sluggish economy. So, here are some more pictures from today's sights:

  Betty Berdan

Lisa Hammell and Thurston Nichols





 Stephen Douglas

Don and Pat Clegg











Kelly Kinzle  

Dan and Karen Olson



 Racoon Creek