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The Highlands Tavern, Altamont, NY

Lisa1 Comment

My original intent for my birthday trip was to have dinner in Schenectady, NY and check out the oldest historic district of New York. There are over 100 points of historic interest in Schenectady and I was eager to find them. To my surprise, restaurants in Schenectady are not open on Sunday evenings. So, we went with plan B: The Highlands Tavern. The Highlands is up the mountain and 3 miles west of our bed & breakfast. It’s a 200 year old house converted into a restaurant/tavern. The staff is local and very friendly. Wide floor boards in the main room, a wall size fireplace, slate floors, and small vintage antiques galore make this an interesting experience. If you go, go for the experience.

As we traveled about between Albany and Altamont, we came upon this barn. Charlie, of his own initiative, turned back and took the picture. Thanks, Charlie!