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St. Peter's Village, PA

Charles Hammell3 Comments

St. Peter’s Village, Chester County, Pennsylvania, is a picturesque village built along the scenic Falls of French Creek. It was home to iron miners, as well as the location of a granite quarry, and destination of 19th century excursions to the countryside. The huge boulders embedded in the stream alongside and below the village make this tiny town and its hotel a desirable recreational retreat even today.

 During the 1960’s, I remember St. Peter’s as a thriving community filled with shops, buggy rides, re-enactors and great food. Aunt Lena sat on a porch and played her musical saw with a violin bow – I was amazed!

 My art teacher, Jon Smith of the Anvil Studio, took my art school group to St.Peter’s so we could paint en plein air. I painted a lovely spring scene while nestled in the cleft of a huge boulder. Two boys painted differing views of a tire lodged under a boulder in yellow water. I was appalled, and Mr. Smith was not pleased, either.

 Today, St. Peter’s Inn is still in operation. We saw a wedding in progress on a platform above the rushing stream and boulders. An antiques shop and some eateries provide a reason to walk through the now quiet village. But you can still climb on the boulders and walk the short trails. Bring the kids—it’s free!