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American Folk Art Museum Quilt Exhibit at Park Avenue Armory


Infinite Variety: Three Centuries of Red and White Quilts
March 25—March 30, 2011
66th and Park Avenue, NYC
Free admission

On display for one week only – 650 red and white quilts airborne in the cavernous Park Avenue Armory in New York City.

When asked by her husband what she would like for her eightieth birthday, Mrs. Rose replied, “Something I’ve not seen before and something that would be a gift for New York City.” The result: the American Folk Art Museum produced an astounding presentation of Joanna S. Rose’s collection of 650 red and white quilts. Seeing all of the quilts hung at once is something no one has seen before and indeed, a generous gift to all. This is a remarkable undertaking of theatrical set design and production. The New York City based firm Thinc Design created the concept. Broadway production specialists constructed the display. The result: a soaring production that fills the entire main hall of the Park Avenue Armory.

The Museum is preparing a fully illustrated catalog, but, until then, if you would like to see more pictures, please contact us at and we will email them to you.