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Anyone looking for Nipper?


Are you a fan of RCA Victor recordings? You might remember the RCA logo of a dog listening to a Victrola. “His master’s voice” was the tag line. When I was a child, my Mom frequently played classical music on our record player. I was especially fond of Nipper, the dog who appeared on the RCA record label.

To my delight, I found a paper mache Nipper at the Oley Valley Antiques Show. This Nipper is about 3 feet tall, in excellent condition and waiting for a good home. If you live in Moorestown—the  original location of the RCA Victor company—Nipper would be the center of attention at your next party. And he won’t jump on your guests!

While on the topic of dogs, I discovered this beautiful portrait of a boy and his dog c. 1850 by Ulysses Dow Tenney. Originally, from Hanover, New Hampshire, Tenney trained with established portrait artists and became a prolific artist in his own right. This painting glows. It was my favorite at the Oley Valley Show.


This will mark the sixth season for Antiques in the Valley, official name for the antiques show in Oley Valley, held June 17 & 18. The drive to the show is lovely and dear to my heart since I lived near here as a child.(2691) For more information, see