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Free tours of the Smith Cadbury Mansion in Moorestown, NJ

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Although George Washington never slept here, the Marquis de Lafayette did sleep at the Smith Cadbury Mansion in Moorestown. The mansion—built in 1738—sits on a foundation dating to 1680s. Joshua Humphries, the original owner, sold the house to Samuel Smith, a wealthy Quaker surveyor who made substantial additions to the structure. His son Richard inherited the home. At his invitation, the Marquis convalesced here during the Revolution.

Edward Harris, Sr. purchased the house in 1798. His son, Edward Jr. inherited the house and entertained his good friend John James Audubon there. Audubon named the Harris Sparrow for Edward Harris. He and Audubon discovered the sparrow on one of Audubon’s painting expeditions to the mid west. Edward Harris, Jr. introduced the Percheron Horse to this country. He observed it in France and decided it would be an excellent farm horse.

Highlights of the Smith Cadbury Museum, pictured below, include a Peter Stretch clock from Philadelphia, a Morgan Hollingshead clock from Moorestown, and a William McElroy Windsor chair made in Moorestown. The Mansion also holds one of the earliest schoolgirl samplers made at the Westtown School.

The Historical Society of Moorestown offers free tours of the Smith Cadbury Mansion on Sundays from 1-4 PM and Tuesdays from 2-3 PM. The library is open from 1-4PM on Tuesdays. As President of the Historical Society, I invite you to come to Moorestown and make an afternoon of it. Enjoy our beautiful tree lined streets and a variety of cafes within walking distance of the Mansion.