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Dr. Robert McCracken Peck, Senior Fellow at the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia presents lecture on John James Audubon and Edward Harris of Moorestown


In 1843, John Tyler was the tenth President of the United States, Daniel Webster was Secretary of State, Queen Victoria was in her sixth year of reign, and Charles Dickens was working on ‘A Christmas Carol.’

Dr. Robert Peck put these facts in perspective for an eager audience at the General Meeting of the Historical Society of Moorestown, on October 18, 2012.

1843 was also the year John James Audubon and his good friend and financial backer, Edward Harris, II of Moorestown, New Jersey embarked on a trip up the Missouri River to collect a variety of animals and birds for Audubon’s second magnum opus, ‘Viviparous Quadrupeds of North America.’

Dr. Peck’s power point presentation was filled with fascinating facts and beautiful images of Audubon’s finest works of art, both birds and mammals. He related how Edward Harris supported Audubon throughout the trip by obtaining animal specimens for Audubon to use as his models. Harris also financially provided for the needs of the five men who took this adventurous trip by steamboat.

Dr. Peck’s lecture coincides with the recent opening of, ‘Treasure in the Barn,’ an exhibit about the adventures of Audubon and Harris. This exhibition is now on view at the Smith Cadbury Mansion, 12 High Street in Moorestown, New Jersey. The museum is open Sundays 1-3 and Tuesdays 1-4.