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The American Folk Art Society Receives ADA Award of Merit

Charles HammellComment

The Antiques Dealer Association gave their 2012 Award of Merit to The American Folk Art Society. This is the first time the ADA has given the annual award to an organization rather than an individual. But the AFAS is a fitting recipient of this award. Formed in 1978, the Society's purpose is to bring together like-minded  advocates in order to promote the knowledge of American folk art of the eighteenth through twentieth centuries. They do this through meetings, lectures, study, journalism, book writing, supporting museums, and a host of other activities. The Society now includes about sixty members.

Two members, Jeffrey Pressman and Elizabeth Warren, spoke at length about their tenures as members of the Society. President Tracy Whitehead received the award on behalf of the Society. ADA President Judith Loto presented the award. Pat Bell and Ed Hild of Olde Hope Antqiues served as Masters of Ceremonies and provided some great anecdotes regarding their history with Society members.