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Historic Deerfield, MA - Old Burying Ground, AKA, Old Albany Cemetery


I found the Old Burying Ground in Deerfield, MA while on lunch break during set up at the Deerfield Antiques Show. I eagerly clambered over the fence to learn some more history about the settlement. From the corner of my eye, I noticed someone else also jumped the fence into the graveyard. At first, we set off in opposite directions to make our own discoveries.

To my astonishment, I found this lovely angel carving on a slate grave stone. "Could there be more," I wondered?

Indeed, there were! " Come see what I've found!" I called to my companion. He quickly approached and I saw that it was Kevin Tulimieri of Nathan Liverant & Son Antiques. Kevin proved to be an expert on grave stone carvings and taught me how to observe a carving more carefully.

Slate appears to be the more resiliant material on which to carve. Kevin pointed out the scribe lines which could still be seen on this stone, dating from 1743.

It's hard to believe this carving is 263 years old! The image is quite modern.

Above is my favorite image. I love it's purity and simplicity.

When I returned to the floor of the show, I discovered the book, "Graven Images - New England Stonecarving and its Symbols, 1650-1815" by Allan I. Ludwig at the booth of Russack & Loto Book Sellers. The book contains many similar illustrations and in depth discussion of tomb art.

The Deerfield Burying Ground is open to the public. I highly recommend taking a walk through this breathtaking memorial to the earliest settlers of this town. The carvings are exquisite and an American treasure. Many thanks to Kevin Tulimieri for his knowledgeable comments and insights.