Noonmark Antiques

Nutcracker Market, The Kimmel Center, Philadelphia December 11-14,2014


As I was dozing off in front of the TV, I heard a brief metion of 'crafts vendors at the Kimmel Center this weekend.' I had to be in Philadelphia the next day and made a point of stopping by.

The Pennsylvania Ballet is holding a fund raiser by means of hosting a variety of crafts people and their wares at the Kimmel Center. At first, it was a bit daunting to wander freely throughout three levels of the Center. However, cheerful and helpful committee volunteers encouraged visitors to explore. It was refreshing to meet the entrepreneurs and to hear their stories- how they began their line of work and their creative process. In particular, I made friends with three young women. I was impressed by their zeal and imagination.

Since I am an antiques dealer, Leslianna Federici's booth immediately caught my attention. What can you do with broken antique china? Leslianna makes it into jewelry. She will custom make a piece for you. She recently made pendants as a gift from a bride to her attendants. Leslianna is thoughtful and helpful and just fun to talk to. Her website is

Pendant by    Coverlet - made in Perquimans County, North Carolina circa 1880 available from Noonmark Antiques.

I left the Center and carried out my errands,but, I was so impressed with the vendors that I returned later that day to be sure I saw everything. I ascended to the third level and met Ilan Yampolsky. She is also a jewelry maker and works with sterling silver. She had a number of necklaces which really caught my eye. Since I love flowers, her floral creation of sterling silver, swarowski crystals and glass and her enthusiasm won my heart. You can find her jewelry on her face book page Ilanation.

Necklace by Ilan Yampolsky

The third young enterpreneur called out to me as I passed by, "Do you have any cats?""No," I replied. "Do your friends have cats?" "Well, yes they do." Randi Warhol proceeded to explain her business, which seems to be destined for greatness. She makes cat toys which resemble Chinese packets of soy sauce and hot mustard, deli pickles, sugar packets and more. They were obviously a hit because when I returned her bins were nearly empty. Randi's company is  She explained that polydactyl cats have extra toes. I once owned a cat named Maude who had extra toes. It's great how a person can relate on many levels to Randi's business. You can place an order on her website.

This is the second year the Pennsylvania Ballet has hosted the Nutcracker Market at the Kimmel Center in Philadelphia. A percentage of the proceeds will benefit the Pennsylvania Ballet. Admission is FREE, the atmosphere is inviting, the vendors are eager to explain their wares, there are MANY unique gift ideas, and there is lots of comfortable seating to relax and enjoy the Center. Bring the kids.