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The WAS – Winter Antiques Show in New York City 2015


Park Avenue Armory Entrance

So much is written about the Winter Antiques Show, I thought I might describe it from a different perspective for those who have never attended or even thought about attending an antiques show.

The Winter Antiques Show is a benefit for the East Side House Settlement, which is a non- profit community resource in South Bronx. Its goal is multifaceted,  the key being the aid it brings to families and individuals in order to lead a more  fulfilling life. Right off, your ticket price of $25. goes to a worthy cause. That said, the show itself is an amazing experience, worth the price of admission. Plan to spend some time because you will want to fully appreciate the beauty of the displays and the quality and rarity of the items for sale. The dealers are eager to discuss their collections with you. Do not hesitate to ask questions. Unlike a museum, you may actually touch the items on display. There is nothing like holding in your hands something from another time and place.

Even as a dealer, the scope and beauty of the Winter Antiques Show never ceases to amaze me. I come away with a sense of awe and gratitude that a show of this caliber still exists.

The items for sale are varied and endless. For example, there is jewelry, fine art, sculpture, Tiffany, Native American, Asian, modern, and of course antiques to name a few. Go to learn. Familiarize your eye with the best.

The show continues until February1. It is at the Park Avenue Armory at 67th & Park Avenue in New York City. Times are noon - 8:00 pm every day except  Thursday & Sunday, noon - 6:00pm.

In my opinion, I would not bring children, although some parents do bring them. This event, to me, seems to be an experience you will want to savor and enjoy unhurried.


Kelly Kinzle ( right) with a client.

Steve and Carol Huber's booth of exquisite schoolgirl needlework.

David Schorsch gives a booth chat on whimsical folk art.

Allan Katz ( left) discusses  Noah's Ark carved circa 1850.

You might spot a celebrity artist.