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A "Colorful Folk: Pennsylvania Germans & the Art of Everyday Life" at Winterthur

Charles HammellComment



The culmination of my fraktur- filled weekend was a trip to Winterthur to see the current exhibit which contains material culture created by Pennsylvania Germans.

There are a number of stunning examples of Fraktur. The displays also include dynamic pieces of painted furniture, pottery, metalwork, and textiles.

It is interesting to consider that by 1790, 40 % of the population of southeastern Pennsylvania was German. The Pennsylvania Germans had a flair for color and decoration. I like to think that is why I am drawn to these exuberant designs – they are part of my heritage.

Religious text by Andreas Kolb

Alphabet by Jacob Otto, may have been used in a school room

Made for a Scots Irishman Samuel McNoldy, who married a Pennsylvania German wife

Blanket chest with camels, decoration attributed to Henrich Otto

Plate attributed to George Huebener of Upper Hanover Township, 1789

The current exhibition at Winterthur extends until January 3, 2016. An attractive paper back companion book by Lisa Minardi is available and gives descriptions of all the pieces in the exhibit.