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Just for Fun - The Castle in Keene, New York

Charles HammellComment

Part of the fun of  travelling for us is the opportunity to stay in clever, creative, warm and inviting Bed & Breakfast Inns or home rentals.

More and more folks are asking me for recommendations on 'where to stay' so I will continue to  include on our Blog some of our favorites.

For our 34th wedding anniversary, we chose 'The Castle' in Keene, New York. We have seen this Victorian rental  house countless times on our way to and from Lake Placid and Wilmington. It had been in a state of disrepair for as long as I can remember, and I always thought, "someone should fix up this house."

Well, my wish came true. Someone bought the house as soon as it came on the market and restored it to and beyond its former glory. The most remarkable interior feature of this house is the extraordinary wall treatments which consist of a system of patchwork wainscotting squares. These squares cover the walls AND ceilings of the living room, second and third floor bedrooms along with the stairwells from first to third floors. It really was a treat for me to spend the weekend in this fascinating house. The kitchen is large and open concept to the dining area and totally in keeping with the Victorian flavor of the house. A beautiful moss green plaster frieze circles the entire dining room and  cleverly depicts trees in the Art Nouveau style. This house is For Sale! Oh my! Be still my heart!


The house is named The Castle because of the turret on the third floor. Of course, I've always wanted to sleep in a turret so another wish fulfilled. The third floor bedroom is en suite with a clever attached full bathroom.

Because the house is restored very closely to its original splendor, I am not sure parents would want to bring small children here. But, older children and teens who enjoy history may find it interesting. There is a stream which runs through the backyard. The house is located on the main artery into Lake Placid and Wilmington. There are many shops and eating places to explore, as well as a river and quiet river walk about a block away. You can find this treasure on  #3676859