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Cooperstown, New York, Part 2 The Fenimore Art Museum

Charles HammellComment

The focus of our trip to Cooperstown was the Fenimore Art Museum which houses a diverse array of exhibits. The current displays include works by Maxfield Parrish, the Thaw Collection of Native American artifacts, a stunning display of paintings by contemporary artist Raymond Han, and the permanent collection of American Folk Art. Here are some highlights from the museum.

Front view of the Fenimore Museum

View toward the lake

Folk Art Collection

Goddess of Liberty Weathervane, c.1865

Peaches Point, Marblehead 1920

Indian Maiden Cigar Store Figure, c.1870

Detail, rocker and floor cloth by Samuel Miller, c.1845

Fort Edward Water Cooler, c.1860

By Raymond Han

Northwest Woodlands Native American Feast Bowl

Beaded Violin Case made on a South Dakota Reservation, c.1899

Tickets for the Fenimore Museum of Art are $12.00 for adults. I could easily have spent a good part of the day roaming the galleries and enjoying the grounds, which extend down to the lake. Young children may enjoy the Farmer's Museum directly across the road. For more information, see blog post 7/16/15 "Cooperstown, NY Part 3, The Farmer's Museum."