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Joseph Short Furniture Sought for Research

Charles HammellComment

 Signed or labeled furniture made by the Short family of cabinetmakers from Newbury and Newburyport is being sought for a research article by independent scholar Gary R. Sullivan and historian Melissa Berry, working in association with Short Family descendent Laurie Short Jarvis. Newburyport cabinetmaker, Joseph Short (1771-1819) is the best-known member of this 18th- and early 19th-century family of woodworkers. A large body of work is associated with him, including several signed and labeled pieces of furniture. A large number of cabriole-leg candle stands with a unique foot, lolling chairs with set-back arm supports and games tables with diamond inlay are also attributed to Joseph Short based on their similarity to the labeled examples. Any individual or institution in possession of a labeled or documented piece of Short Family furniture is encouraged to contact Melissa Berry at 603-793-5984 or email