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A Townsend - Goddard Primer

Charles HammellComment

Here is a very brief synopsis on the Townsend - Goddard families.

These folks were Quakers and made their homes in the Easton Point section of Newport, Rhode Island.

Christopher Townsend (1701-1787) and brother Job Townsend ( 1699-1765) arrived in Newport in 1707 after living in Oyster Bay, New York. They became cabinet makers in Newport, Rhode Island.

John Townsend (1732-1809) was the son of Christopher Townsend.

Daniel Goddard (1697-1764) was born in Rhode Island, moved to Massachusetts, and returned to Newport in 1727.

John Goddard ( 1723-1785) the son of Daniel, was an apprentice to Job Townsend. John Goddard married Job’s daughter Hannah Townsend.

Identifying features of these cabinet makers are the block and shell configuration on case furniture and the claw & ball foot, with space between the talon and the ball. These features are not unique to the families but are a clue when considering identification of a piece of furniture.

Christopher Townsend - desk and bookcase

Daniel Goddard - block and shell detail

John Townsend, claw & ball foot, space between talon and ball

Attributed to John Goddard, game table

All images were obtained from the current "Art & Industry Rhode Island Furniture 1650-1830" exhibition at the Yale University Art Gallery.