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Charles HammellComment

Anyone who knows me has come to learn that I am quite obsessed with the earliest history of the Delaware Valley. I’ve read John Watson’s three volume set, “Annals of Philadelphia” (and drew maps and took notes) twice and would read it again if I had time.

When I heard that archaeological excavations were being performed along busy I-95 in Philadelphia, I could barely contain myself. Where and when would the discovered artifacts be presented to the public?

The answer is the Museum of American Glass at Wheaton Arts and Cultural Center in Millville, New Jersey. But, hurry! The exhibition ends December 31, 2016.

This exhibition was everything I hoped it would be. Over 600 artifacts on display are placed in groups organized by first, contributions from Native Americans, then, potters and glassblowers, featuring the Dyottville Glass House in Philadelphia, then, fragments of household items from the late eighteenth to early twentieth centuries. I easily spent two hours reading the placards and examining the objects. There are maps and old photographs of the city. There are photographs of the dig itself and of the participants. There is a video on flint knapping demonstrated by Jack Cresson, local archaeologist. There is a scavenger hunt game for children within the exhibit. There really is something for everyone. Photography is permitted, which I appreciated since there is no accompanying catalog. Besides the exhibition is the excellent Museum of American Glass itself. It is a comprehensive and beautiful look at glass production through the years and is very informative. I highly recommend a visit for anyone interested in glass objects.

Another reason for my enthusiasm for this exhibition is that the Historical Society of Moorestown is also presenting an exhibition on early found objects in  Moorestown. The title is, History Rocks! Interpreting the Archaeological Discoveries in Moorestown. The focus is on the earliest people who passed through the area and what they left behind. More details on this exhibit in my next blog post.

Native American Pipe Fragments 800 - 1500 AD

Stoneware debris with focus on the Remmey Pottery

Household items recovered from the dig

Dyottville Glass Works Washington-Taylor Flask

Witch Balls

Glass Hats

I love this glimpse into another time.......

Rare Blue Vase

Pitkin Flasks

On the left, a child's thimble. Imagine a little one working on her sampler.

Discovered dishes

Children's Plates


Moorestown's Own Jack Cresson- video demonstration