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Meet the President

Charles HammellComment

Today is election day in the United States. As I write this, the outcome of the election is not clear. But, I do know who will be the next president of the Antiques Dealers Association of America in 2017 – Steven S. Powers.

I first got to know Steven as a dealer through visiting various high end antiques shows. His booths are always fresh and edgy. I like that. I also like what he has for sale in his cases –snuff bottles, boxes and Native American items. I collect snuff bottles so Steve’s booth is always a stop on my rounds at a show. Steve is a specialist in Native American Woodlands /Sculpture and an expert in treen, burl and folk art. He is your go to for early wood objects. He has written two books, “ North American Burl Treen: Colonial and Native American” and the woodlands volume of “Art of the Spirit World, The Steven Michaan Collection.”

Steven S. Powers is also a talented and prolific painter. My husband Charlie & I were fortunate to be in the area to attend an open house where Steve has his studio. It’s great to see an artist in his world. A few years ago, Steve used one of my photographs that I post on social media as a springboard for one of his paintings. Quite an honor for me, to be sure. The painting has sold.

You can check out his websites for antiques or paintings at  and

A sample of artwork by Steven S. Powers

Steve's palette - I love the green!