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Hamilton “Sideshow”

Charles HammellComment

On July 4th weekend, we did the opposite of what most folks do. Everyone thinks of visiting Philadelphia to celebrate our country’s birthday. No, we travelled to New York City, to spend time with our new baby grand daughter and give her parents a much needed date afternoon. After we wore ourselves out playing with a four month old, we had dinner at Porteno, an Argentinian restaurant by the High Line. The food was delicious. The room is small and frequented by locals. Good wine selection. Conversation was easy. Great wait staff and bar tender. We plan to return soon.

Delicious dessert at Porteno-how did they know I was a musician?

The next day, our son suggested we visit the Passaic Falls in Paterson, New Jersey. The falls sits squarely in the center of town and is one of the larger falls in the US. Alexander Hamilton visited the falls in 1778 and saw incredible potential. He later designated Paterson as the first industrial city in America. He commissioned canals and raceways to channel the water of the Passaic River to flow to various parts of town, thus enabling the rise of a number of mills. The site is an historic national landmark. I suggest a visit when the water is high. The falls can be an impressive sight. When we were there, they were less dynamic, but still intriguing. You can bring children to this destination. We brought our grand daughter. Many other children were there as well. No admission charge.

The Passaic Falls