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Victorian Ladies Inn, The Mooring Restaurant, Castle Hill Inn Restaurant, Newport Rhode Island

Charles HammellComment

Folks ask me how I find such great places to stay and dine. It takes a lot of work to discover the special places. Most peolpe don't have time to browse the internet. Since I have already done the work, I'll share my finds with you.

Victorian Ladies Inn - I wanted to be close to the Mansions and Cliff Walk so I chose this bed & breakfast. Charlie & I  wanted an egg breakfast without needing to go to a restaurant. This was the perfect place for us. As the name states, this is a Victorian main house with additional cottages to the rear. We stayed in the Alfred Room, which was on the street. The room was quiet. We were not disturbed by the noise of the street, which was great. The room was charming. It had a little refridgerator-bonus! The room was clean and had a private bathroom. Breakfast was a bountiful buffet and made to order entree. We could sit in the garden or on the porch or inside. We did not interact with the other guests which I guess is fine if you like your privacy. I like to meet people so I was slightly disappointed but that was ok. Daily ice tea and freshly baked chocolate chip cookies were placed in the parlor at 4:00. Believe me, I was there at 4:00, as were other guests! I really liked this place. Very convenient to the Mansions, but, a bit distant to town. I don't mind walking. You can leave your car in the on site parking lot which is convenient since parking is at a premium in town.

Second floor hall

The Alfred Room

A very comfortable sofa in the Alfred Room. You don't often have one of these in a B&B!

The Mooring Restaurant

Fun, Fun, Fun! If you want a great, happy seafood restaurant on a marina with a perfect view of the sunset, you will like this place. This is Charlie's kind of spot. The food was excellent. The wait staff was attentive. The sunset gorgeous and the marina was interesting to watch as the boats sailed in. We will be back!

The beautiful view at The Mooring Restaurant in Newport, RI.

Wonderful chocolate cake dessert at the Mooring Restaurant, Newport , RI

Castle Hill Inn Restaurant

We were told wonderful things about this restaurant. It really was very special. The chef goes out of his way to make each diner have a perfect evening. One thing, though. Our dinner lasted three hours. So, do not plan to go anywhere afterwards. The dinner is your evening entertainment. The meal is pre-fixe and there are seating times. We were seated at 7:15 and did not leave until 10:15. But, we had a wonderfully relaxing time, enjoyed the spectacular sunset and the cool breezes off the water. The food was beautifully presented and delicious. There were a number of small in between dishes that tided us over as we awaited each course. The staff was well trained and friendly. The room was small enough that you could have a private conversation without shouting. A memorable evening.

Beautiful beet salad

Charlie's lobster tail entre

Our view from the dinig room of Castle Hill Inn Restaurant