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Charles HammellComment

Where do busy Noonmark Antiques dealers go for vacation? Why, the Adirondacks, of course! We spent a blissful week with our family in Keene, New York. The fresh air revived us and we had a wonderful time hiking, shopping, dining, touristing, composing (Charlie) and antiquing  (Lisa) We can't wait to return!

Noonmark Mountain

The fam sets out to hike a bit of Noonmark Mountain. We encountered our first ever bear sighting. Little cub & mama.

Baby Lucy slept through it all!

My favorite view of Mirror Lake from Taste Bistro at Mirror Lake Inn

My favorite entre at Taste Bistro at Mirror Lake Inn - Fisherman's Stew paired with Mer Soleil chardonnay

Captivating Mirror Lake in Lake Placid, NY.

Lake Placid itself!

Lovely straw flowers by Mirror Lake Inn