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Bluebird Cottage at Oliver Creek Farm

Charles HammellComment

From time to time, folks ask me where we like to stay while on the road. I highly recommend Bluebird Cottage at Oliver Creek Farm air bnb in Troy, Virginia. The 2 story house is located on Ghost Dance Road on a very private farm. The grounds are well kept and much nicer than I expected. Justine and her husband own the farm. Her restored  Victorian farmhouse is about 100 feet away so there is plenty of privacy. Justine is very interesting and the cottage is loaded with books, particularly on the topic of photography. I would definitely return to this lovely secluded location. I could spend time here just in the cottage itself, perusing the books or working on my own research. The farm is close to Monticello and Montpelier.

If you enjoy photographing sunsets, this meadow will give you ample opportunity.

Bluebird Cottage at Oliver Creek Farm

Where the afternoon sky meets the evening sky

I believe there was a Civil War battle near here. Gives me a bit of a shudder to think.