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Ceramics Fair 2019 in New York City


Charlie and I braved the dire warnings of the weather forecast and took the New York bound train and Q subway to the Ceramics Fair at 321 E.73rd Street. The weather turned out to be perfect for travelling and we were glad we made the effort. The above image is the view from the third floor entrance into the show. There were 9 dealers total and the atmosphere of the show had a boutique quality.


Almost immediately upon entering the show, my eyes fell upon this marvel of a book, " The Paragon Tea Wares Pattern Book" circa 1900-1933. This hard bound book contains hand colored pages of beautifully detailed flowers which were transferred to tea ware. The books and pottery were manufactured in Staffordshire, Stoke on Trent. Available with this particular book are 2 cups and saucers that demonstrate the artwork. I learned, that at the time, most of the pattern books were burned when they outlived their usefulness.


Mocha ware and cats from the booth of Martyn Edgell


The Ceramics Fair is open tomorrow. Free admission. Worth the trip to see VERY fine ceramics.