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Winterthur: Paint, Pattern, and People—Furniture of Southeastern Pennsylvania, 1725-1850 by Wendy A. Cooper and Lisa Minardi


I grew up in Southeastern Pennsylvania, in Lower Pottsgrove, between Pottstown and New Hanover. My home originally was part of the Bechtel Farm. As a child, I would roam our 3 acre property. My imagination ran wild as I explored ‘down back’ along Sprogel’s Run. Did Indians live here? Did George Washington’s troops pass through these woods?

How surprised I would have been to discover the rich artistic heritage of my ancestors and their neighbors had I read the book Paint, Pattern, and People 30 years ago. Wendy Cooper and Lisa Minardi created a comprehensive volume of useful information that I have spent years gleaning from a variety of sources. I highly recommend this book. It is a wonderful resource because it brings together a diverse selection of the beautiful objects created in this region and the various people groups who created them.

The best part is, you can see the objects pictured in the book on display at Winterthur, now through January 8, 2012. Tickets to see the exhibit and take a few other tours are $18. per person. Also, buy the book. It has photos of all the objects in the exhibit, along with in-depth explanations.