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Historical Society of Moorestown Soiree 2011


The Moorestown Historical Society enjoyed great success at its annual Spring Soiree on Saturday, May 21. Benefitting the restoration work on the Smith Cadbury Mansion in Moorestown, New Jersey, the tireless efforts of the Trustees made the evening possible. The event took place at the beautiful ChesterAvenue home of Dr. Robert and Lynne Brill.

The Smith Cadbury Mansion, at 12 High Street in Moorestown, New Jersey, dates from 1738 as the original home of Joshua and Increase Humphries. The foundation dates to 1680. The house sat on 160 acres of farmland-a precious commodity to early American entrepreneurs. Quaker surveyor Samuel Smith purchased the home in 1766 and enlarged it. His son Richard inherited the home and housed the convalescing Marquis de Lafayette during the Revolution.

The Edward Harris family was the next owner. Notably, Edward Harris Jr. befriended John James Audubon through a mutual acquaintance. He traveled extensively throughout North America with Audubon to sketch his now famous Birds of North America. He actually discovered a new species: the Harris Sparrow.

Emma Cadbury was the last private owner of the home, thus the name Smith-Cadbury. In 1961, 30 members of the Moorestown Rotary got involved.

Each member contributed $100 to purchase the house to save it from demolition. The house became a museum-one of the finest in the South Jersey region.

Visit the museum and take a free tour on Sundays from 1-4 PM. The current exhibit, "Dawn 'till Dusk: Farm Life in Moorestown", features fascinating displays and facts on the early farms of Moorestown.