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Clime/Collins/Dudley Quilt AKA Burlington County Album Quilt at the Historical Society of Moorestown

Charles HammellComment

Imagine clicking about on the Internet searching for ancestor’s names when suddenly your third great grandparent’s names appear as signers of an album quilt in a state 1,000 miles away from where you live. This is precisely what happened to Lorraine Amos, which led her to pursue a most satisfying study of an important Burlington County New Jersey album quilt.

Backstory: About eight years ago, former Historical Society of Moorestown, New Jersey  President Elizabeth Volckening purchased at auction a quilt made circa 1850. The quilt was in excellent condition and is a showpiece to be admired even today. Turkey red swatches and tape loom binding are a few of the highlights of this beauty. Even more tantalizing to researchers are the 68 signatures dating from as early as 1846 to 1852. Ms. Volckening kindly donated this album quilt to the Historical Society of Moorestown and it is a prize possession.

Fast forward to 2014 when Lorraine Amos of Florida, sat down to her computer one day in April and began a casual search of her ancestors. She was amazed to discover a number of signatures by her family members listed in an article about the album quilt in a newsletter “From the Porch,” a quarterly publication of the Historical Society of Moorestown, New Jersey. Lorraine quickly contacted Lisa Hammell, President of the Society at that time and proposed her idea for a research project. The result was an exciting adventure to attempt to identify everyone who had signed the quilt.

Not only did Ms. Amos successfully identify all 68 signers, she also gathered historic and pertinent information about each person and listed these facts in three helpful charts which can be viewed on a cd.

Although there are a variety of familiar Burlington County family names displayed on this album quilt, the predominant names of Clime, Collins and Dudley have led the Society to rename the quilt the Clime/Collins /Dudley Quilt thanks to Lorraine Amos and her diligent work. Since the central block is labeled " Lemuel and Sarah Collins" we believe that the quilt was made for Lemuel and Sarah Collins. Lemuel was the son of Charles Collins, Sr and Elizabeth Kirkland. Sarah Ann Clime was the daughter of Samuel Clime and Abigail Matlack. All signed the quilt along with their siblings and acquaintances.

For more information about the signers of the quilt or to see this fascinating textile on display, contact The Historical Society of Moorestown at or 856-235-0353