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Goschenhoppen Folk Festival 2015

Charles HammellComment

The Goshenhoppen Folk Festival in New Hanover, Pennsylvania is an annual event for all ages. Volunteers dress in authentic colonial attire and demonstrate skills of documented crafts and every day work of early settlers. This festival never ceases to amaze me. I always learn something new. There is such a wide variety of skills displayed. All the volunteers, many of them teenagers, are eager to share their expertise. I often marvel at how difficult and dangerous some of this work was. Cooking over an open fire or dipping candles in a cauldron over open flames while wearing long clothing seems hazardous even in these times. However, the event progressed without a hitch and ended with a parade around the entire lot. Best time to arrive is early in the morning. The lines get long. This is a very popular event. You can spend an entire day here and possibly not see everything.


Elderberry Pie

Ground Cherries

Corn Husk Door Mats

Eggs dyed in a broth of onion skins

Early rope making required a lot of space

Rear view of the Antes House

Reconstructed pie plates found on the Antes property ~ they probably served a piece of delicious elderberry pie at one time!

Home made brooms ready for take off

Canine friends worn out from excitement